What we do

ADvsCOPY has experience providing the following services: 


Books & Monographs

We have experience researching, writing, and editing historical texts and monographs in close collaboration with architects and publishers. We can help you develop an original idea, craft a clear and conscise introduciton, or put the finishing touches on your latest monograph while ensuring that every aspect of the book reinforces its themes, reflects the work, and relates the client's story.

FAIA Applications

ADvsCOPY can compose the primary texts required for your application to the AIA College of Fellows and help coordinate the application process with you and your sponsor. We'll work with you to select and describe supportive projects that illustrate a comprehensive body of work and a clear vision, and we'll ensure that the entire text reinforces that vision. 

Web Content 

We can help prepare mission statements, staff biographies, project descriptions, and case studies for your websites and press releases. We've worked on web launches with dozens of deliverables, we have experience producing original copy for newsletters and blogs, and can help you develop and maintain editorial calendars. 

Marketing Copy

Marketing is important. But sometimes glossy brochures and slick websites can use a lot of words without really saying anything. ADvsCOPY has experience translating jargon and replacing empty phrases with original copy that reflects the intent of your work and appeals to your intended audience.

Thought Leadership

We can help your firm establish a unique voice or work with you to magnify the one you have. Our clients have spoken at prominent universities and have contributed to industry publications, and we've helped them prepare talks and essays that are tailored to reflect their practice and resonate with their intended audience. 

Interviews & Moderation

ADvsCOPY founder Jimmy Stamp has extensive experience conducting interviews for publication, for oral histories, and for documentary films. He is also an experienced moderator capable of leading engaging discussions in front of a live audience. 


Content & Presentation Strategy

If your project needs support or you're struggling to gain the approval of a review board, we can help you craft targeted messaging to make a convincing argument for your work, or a creative brief to clarify your goals with your in-house team and collaborators. In other words, we'll help you tell the story of your work.


Proposals & Competitions

We've consulted on RFP & RFQ responses, and have worked with develop winning competition entries. We can help you break from boilerplate responses to craft personalized cover letters and case studies that will give you an edge against competing firms. Awards are won and lost on the quality of an idea and clarity of its expression. You focus on the quality; we'll focus on the clarity.


Exhibition Texts & Curation

We work with artists and galleries to compose and edit exhibition catalogs, wall text, and descriptive labels. But in addition to this publication work, we also have curatorial experience that includes selecting and obtaining hundreds of original drawings, models, and ephemera from both institutional archives and private collections. 


Who we work with


Interior Designers


Graphic Designers


Experience Designers


Real Estate Agents

Marketing Consultants

Business Development teams